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this is how I have to do this

LEBLANC0001      LEBLANC0002      LEBLANC0005      LEBLANC0006

see this

LEBLANC0007      LEBLANC0008      LEBLANC0009      LEBLANC0010

look here

LEBLANC0011      LEBLANC0014      LEBLANC0018      LEBLANC0019

love it

LEBLANC0021      LEBLANC0022      LEBLANC0023      LEBLANC0024

got to

LEBLANC0025      LEBLANC0026      LEBLANC0027

Wow so many gay colored glass sculptures – you may have already have one – I’ve displayed @ 10 Lansing Pride Parades, 10 Ferndale Pride – MOHR/ PALMER FUND/ H.R. CAMPAIGN Fund and dinner (*Act-up Detroit and I demanded these dinners keep silent auction monies be left in Detroit Design.)

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